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Marty F.

Doctor Hu has been my dentist for over 10 years and has always taken the best care of myself and my wife. She does good work and when she needs to send me to a specialist, she has the best people to refer me to. I strongly recommend her.

Karen S.

I don't know why I took so long to write a review. I have been seeing Dr. Hu for years now and even though I live in SF, I make the trip to see her (and she is open on Saturdays!)

She is very thorough & very trustworthy (I have had shady dentist in the past that charge extra for cavity fillings etc)

Peter B.

Very thorough and gentle cleaning! Have been several times and never had to wait long.

Yao K.

I've been to Serena Hu's dental office since 2004 (almost 9 years!).  She's professional, pays attention to details and seems to have real interest in my dental health.  I've changed three jobs in these 9 years and I always chose to go to this dental office.  Highly recommended!

Western B.

My wife and I have been going to Serena's dental practice for over 8 years.  Prior to coming here, I was with another dentist who essentially would find fillings when there were none and charge money for the work.  I have good dental habits.  So, the alarming number of fillings worried me and so I changed my dentist to Serena and I have been very pleased with her service for the last 8 years.  Serena puts patient care ahead.

Susan D.

Dr Serena Hu is an excellent dentist.  I always feel comfortable through her procedures. She is very sensitive and careful.  I highly recommend her.  She is very personable and generous.  I'm glad a friend recommended her to me.

Carol H.

Dr. Hu is an EXCELLENT dentist!  I found her by searching the web for reviews for the best dentists.  Her reviews were top reviews, and they were right!   Now my bite is even and remarkably comfortable.  She significantly improved the appearance of my teeth/smile and at a fair and reasonable price.  Her extraordinary expertise along with her kind, gentle manner made my dental experience the best I've ever had.   She is an Artist, moreover she is a GEM!  I feel very lucky to have found her.  In addition, her staff, likewise, reflects her friendliness, kindness and care.  People who come to her for dental care are smart and lucky!   Carol Heart

Laura B.

I recently moved to California and was in need of a dentist.  I chose Dr Hu for the location and ratings on yelp.  I was very satisfied with her service.  She was very thorough and explained everything very well.  She showed you potential trouble spots and really seemed to care about you.  The entire staff is very nice and seemed to run on schedule even for late afternoon appointments.  The office is open until 6:00 so it was easy for me to make an appointment after work.  Will definitely continue to see Dr Hu.

Bruno M.

Serena is the best dentist I ever had. She almost makes you ENJOY going to the dentist. Can you believe this ? She keeps her appointments on time, even late in the day. I was late myself one evening, called in to let them know, and what I got in return was a smile and a "don't worry about it" statement. She is serious, professional, she treats you with utmost care and she is honest. How much more do you need ?

Maggie Z.

I have been with Dr. Serena for more than 10 years.  She is very personal, warm-hearted, and extremely dedicated.   I don't think I would ever want to switch to different dentist, and the experience is totally enjoyable.


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